March 08, 2009

Shopping Arround for Cover

You must renew your car insurance each year. Your insurance company must make sure you get a renewal notice at least 15 working days before your policy ends. The renewal notice must contain details of any no-claims discount you have, so that you have a chance to shop around before you renew.

There are two main ways of buying car insurance.

You can:
• buy directly from an insurance company; or
• buy through an intermediary, such as a broker.

You can shop around in person, by phone or on-line.

If you are part of a group insurance scheme (perhaps through your job or other associations), you may be able to get better-value cover through the scheme than as an individual buyer. So, it is worth checking this out first.

Premiums on car insurance policies can vary widely depending on the insurer and on how you buy the cover. For example, you can get special rates for buying on-line or if you are insuring an unusual risk, such as a vintage car, using a broker.


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